The Vernes release new album ‘Nuclear Winter’

The album ‘Nuclear Winter kicks off with ‘Take Your Time’, a quick paced fun summer tune working nicely behind the ‘take your time’ advice. We get slowed down a little with the following track ‘Unintelligent Design’ before getting back into a groove with ‘Spit’. ‘Galactic Thrills’ is big, the anthemic sort that fans will be singing, swaying and waving their lighters in the air like they just don’t care. ‘Alaska’ is guitar driven bouncing around pop. We get a bit country on ‘Before The World Destroyed Us’ then the pace is changed and the songs go big again for the final 2 tracks. This album showcases the band’s ability to write perfect pop tunes of all types and you might find that it’s a most enjoyable ride. Here’s the video for opener ‘Take Your Time. Enjoy.

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