A DeClunk Q & A with Sandman Sleeps

Hello Sandman Sleeps…..Welcome to the DeClunk universe

Please tell us where you are based and give us a description of your surroundings so that we can be snug with you during the Q and A.

We are based out of South Florida, more specifically Ft. Pierce and Jensen Beach which is all considered the Treasure Coast. Jensen is a lazy beach town which is getting busier post Covid times and Ft. Pierce is a port town, once used for trafficking mass amounts of cocaine in the 80’s.

Please introduce yourselves, who does what in the band? How and when did you get together?

In Sandman Sleeps we have Karsten on drums, Cristina- vocals & guitar, Alex- bassist, Zack- vocals and guitar. Alex and I met Zack at an open mic in Port St. Lucie who then introduced us to Karsten back in 2019. 

Sandman Sleeps is an interesting name. How did it come about? Were there other names in the hat?

We came up with the name Sandman Sleeps back when we (myself, Alex, and our friend Gavin McAlexander on drums) started the band back in 2010. If it is remembered correctly, we came up with the name collectively while watching an episode (Alex’s favorite episode) of Courage the Cowardly Dog which is titled “The Sandman Sleeps.” It was our favorite cartoon growing up.Later when we reformed in 2019 Alex and I considered the name Hayden Mane (no meaning at all) but quickly changed our minds once we heard the introducer at an open mic say the name aloud. Sandman was the way to go, it’s kind of an ode our childhood.

The single is out, we like it, ‘Portrait of Jennie’. Who is Jennie?

‘Portrait of Jennie’ is a fantasy film, made in 1948. I was intrigued by the concept of time travel and the possibility of time overlapping. It poses a lot of questions of what reality is considered to be. I don’t feel like the movie is particularly a great one, I really should read the book and see what that’s like. 

I don’t want to speak too much in depth about the movie relating to the song because it wasn’t really a huge influence lyrically. I just found my personal life  at the time aligning with this theme of chance and wondering if there is something more – and are there things we have experienced before which we don’t remember but still intuitively feel and carry with us. I think I just find it all really romantic. 

Your debut album is released at the end of March. It’s called Crisis Actor. Could you tell us a little about the making of the album, the inspiration behind the songs etc.?

Some songs on Crisis Actor are 12 years old and others written only a little over a year ago so there isn’t really an intentional common thread between them musically or lyrically. Common themes that come up lyrically I’d say are phases that keep reoccurring in my life. Each song is kind of it’s own entity on this album and we just made them work together as a whole on the album via style wise/how we play them as a group. 

What plans for the rest of 2022? Is there a tour? If you get to the north of England there’s a dinner at Declunk HQ (don’t let that put you off)!

We’ve talked about planning a tour but are currently just playing by ear with Covid and seeing what happens. But yes, count us in for the dinner! Would love to get out of town.

If we were to come to your neck of the woods for a weekend where would you take us? You are the Entertainments Committee!

Probably a dive bar called the Boozgeois in Ft. Pierce and then retreat to anywhere south of West Palm Beach and never come back. 

Any bands/artists that you recommend we have a listen to?

The Dreambows, 8Path, Graham & Van, Hai-Tide, Soul Particles, and anything from Stereotrash Records

Thanks for taking the time with DeClunk. We look forward to hearing the album.

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