New sounds from Huxlxy.

Okay, I know….how do I even say that name. I’ve tried. And let me show you how this artist was introduced to me as a music maker of interest.

‘He is the cartoon villain with the voice of an angel. His goal is to make a new genre of music, a mixture of pop, trap, blues, and horror’.

Naturally, curiosity takes the better of one with a carrot like that dangled. Now, I haven’t delved very far yet but after a brief listen to a couple of Huxlxy’s tracks I thought you Clunksters might find interest in it. Have a listen to the latest track then read all about Huxlxy in his own words.

My name is huxlxy I’m 27 born in East London, I am a producer, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and pianist.
I have been writing music since i was very young, (age 5) my mother was a musician and taught me guitar and piano, I’ve been musically inclined basically my entire life.
My artist name comes from the philosopher and novelist Aldous L Huxlxy
My mother read me his book as a child and his name always stuck out to me.
My music been played on radio one in the UK and on radio stations around the world, ive been on multiple Spotify playlists and  have fans that message me frequently about the fan art they’ve painted of me or just how much they enjoy what I’m doing, I had a fan recently commission a bespoke song for there wedding anniversary. I’m active on social media and also have a twitch channel where I make music and play video games I’ve recently found a new following on tik tok with one of my videos of me singing going viral ( 230k views in a few weeks) which has lead to  lots of new fans eager to hear new music.
I currently have 6 singles out and over a hundred demos to release, Im looking forward to putting out my next single this month and then releasing my EP near the end of summer and hopefully touring and performing live again also

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