DECLUNK Exclusive: Guy Blue (Shea Stadium/Electro-Pop/Lord Raja/Stephen Malkmus) “No Vision” Music Video Game/Shea Stadium Collaboration

Today, Guy Blue (the music project of Brooklyn-based songwriter and producer Jack Ladd) shares Bluepoint, a music video/game in collaboration with Shea Stadium that features his debut single, “No Vision.”

Collaborating with Shea Stadium, Ladd created Bluepoint, a digital recreation of closed DIY spaces in Brooklyn. The project combines two passions—music and video games—and serves as a love letter to lost spaces and times. The game offers players the chance to revisit Shea Stadium and mingle with regulars and staff, with dialogue contributed by their real-life counterparts. The pixelated, 16bit graphics crystallize the experience into one that is hyper simplified, yet unmistakably Shea. Here the edges of the memory are too sharp; the muddy details can’t possibly be contained in the plane of pixels. It leaves the player missing the real thing even more.

In his first single “No Vision,” which is featured is the game, Ladd creates a character tormented by self-destructive urges, somewhere between Stephen Malkmus and Tony Soprano. This tension is reflected in the sonic texture, an incongruous patchwork of guitars, drums, and samples, haphazardly stitched together and fraying. Ghostly International’s Chester Raj Anand (aka Lord Raja) lends production, making this beat-driven track feel like the most fun panic attack you’ll ever have.

Speaking on the track, Ladd wrote:

“I wrote ‘No Vision’ when I was knowingly making a lot of bad decisions in my life. I was trapped in a self destructive loop, and that spiraling momentum definitely found its way into the track. I think it’s a story a lot of people will relate to. We’re all compelled by destructive urges that have real consequences for those around us. There’s a reference to Tony and Carmela Soprano in the track. In the Sopranos, we see the horrifying consequences of Tony’s impulses, and yet he’s still  an incredibly compelling and relatable character. I think it’s because seeing those darkest desires played out allows us to reflect on our own urges and actions. I hope the track accomplishes something similar.”

Arms Wide – TRACKLISTING01. New Pallet Theme
02. No Vision
03. Arms Wide
04. Gutted
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