Das Beat….A Clunk Back and Forth Interview

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Hello Das Beat….welcome to the Clunk universe.

Please could you introduce us to Das Beat, who does what in the band, who makes the best cup of tea in the studio, who snores the loudest (and don’t forget who plays any instruments, who writes, who sings!).

We often start with Agor making a beat/instrumental. Upon hearing it, Eddie gets ideas for a theme and writes it down on paper. When we meet in the studio we try and bring it all together and strike while the iron is hot. Probably more likely to be drinking beers than a cup tea at that point though – usually the daytime we stay home for the mixing and fine tuning.
How did you get together?
We matched on Tinder but didn’t send a message to each other. Later that day we saw each other at a birthday party and well, the rest is history.

Could you please tell us where you are based and describe your current surroundings so that we can picture you in our mind’s eye.
Berlin, its full summer now and we’re both fully vaccinated. Life is good.

When did you know that you wanted to be in the music world? Did you grow up with lots of music?
We both sort of fell into it, and try and be creative in more ways than one. Eddie comes from a theater/acting background.

‘Idenität’, the title of the EP, is out there now. Could you tell us how the EP evolved, how long did it take to get the 4 tracks together, where did you write, record and so on.
We make the songs almost a year ago now, and it happened pretty quick. We were suddenly stuck in lockdown and were like “well better start a band”. It brought us closer together.

 If we were coming to your town for the weekend where would you take us for good times. You are the Entertainments Committee!
We go for pizza or Flamkuchen by the canal then of course dancing (soon to be possible).

Can you recommend any artists/bands that we should be checking out that may not have reached our ears yet.
Luis Ake, Brutalismus 3000, Born at Midnite

Thanks very much for the time with Clunk.
Danke dir auch

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