Spangled…..A Clunk Back and Forth Interview.

Hello Spangled….welcome to the Clunk universe

Please introduce the band, who does what etc.

Hello from us all!

Ben Johnson: Singer

Jamie Halliday: Guitarist

Niall McGovern: Bass

Nathan Kenyon: Drummer

How did you folks get together? How did you end up with the name? Were there other contender names?

Well Jamie and Nathan had started in another band back in December ish time 2018 and it just wasn’t going in the right direction, so Jamie started having a think about doing something new.

Cut to a regular night in the pub, at the start of 2019 – Ben and Jamie, childhood friends, were getting suitably steaming, as you do. They joked about starting a band, they’d both grown up with music – why not? A few days later Jamie went round to Bens house, guitar in hand, and as they say, that’s where it began. The name “Spangled” just sort of dropped out of thin air, it’s a word Jamie and Ben bounced around often after heavy nights out… “Garlic dip” was another name contender put forward by Ben, it’s a cracking dip after all, but it fell short of “Spangled”

Tell us about the latest release ‘Nosedive’. What’s it all about? Was it written as a band?

On Nosedive, Ben says; “Nosedive is a celebration of risk-taking during youth; In a way it glamorizes the unknown. The phrasing of the word ‘Nosedive’ is a reference to the UK drug culture, we’re just saying “look, this is what it’s like to be young, it’s part of the culture, like it or lump it”. That’s the beauty of this song, it’s unapologetic, in your face, and it makes you just wanna lie down on your kitchen floor and forget all those little problems that have been building up in your everyday life.”

The song started off with a hooky melody and the chords from Jamie, who then sent a demo across to Ben who whipped up a fresh batch of genius lyrics. The song was born out of that really, but it all comes together when we are all in the room – Niall adding his glorious basslines and Nathan holding down his mega drumming.

How did you cope as band during the various restrictions over the last year? Did you swap ideas over the internet etc?

The restrictions last year made it really difficult for us, as we all live separately, and we haven’t got our own studio space so as soon as the studio closed that was it for us. We all kept in touch in our facebook group and as soon as the studios did open we were straight back at it. And when we did get back in the room it was like we’d never been apart.

Jamie wrote a few new songs over the course of the restrictions in March, some of which will be debuting on the EP we plan to release later this year. Again, Jamie sent these ideas across to Ben who wrote the lyrics and then as soon as we could get back to practice we went through the new tunes, and we can confirm, they are unbelievable… So I suppose that’s how we all coped, we just kept writing and sharing the demos on facebook with each other – where there’s music there’s hope

One presumes that you grew up listening to lots of music, what were you into? Can you remember the first music that you downloaded or bought on record/CD?

 Jamie: I was into mainly the blues and rock, late 60’s stuff really, Hendrix, Clapton, The Beatles. And the first CD I had when I was really young was the Best of Queen, I used to have Bohemian Rhapsody on repeat, that’s when I really became aware of music really. Of course, growing up, there was no getting away from Manchester bands – they are after all the best on the planet… The likes of The Stone Roses, Oasis, The Smiths and Joy Division are all close to my heart and have a huge influence in the way I play and write.

Niall: When I was younger I listened to what my mum and dad listened to, which was anything from iron maiden and black sabbath to joy division and the smiths. But I do remember getting the pulp fiction soundtrack on vinyl and now it’s ruined because I played it that much, 70’s soul music is probably the best tunes ever released, other than Spangled of course… But I only got into playing bass after watching punk bands and thinking they were the coolest people on the stage, Sid Vicious, Peter Hook from Joy Division and Bruce Foxton from The Jam. All absolute legends.

 Suppose we get down to your neck of the woods for a weekend. We hang out with you. You show us around. Where are we going? What are we doing? You are the Entertainments Committee!

I think we can all agree – we’re goin 42’s, Venue ain’t bad either… Probably Pevril of the Peak too, it’ll cost you an arm ‘n’ a leg, but they’ve got cracking lager and an atmosphere to match, proper old school pub. But yeh, 42’s, is the place to be, it’s just a full night of top indie tunes and cheap bevs. A customary trip to maccies is advisable at the end of the night, to soak up those Jaeger Bombs.

Thanks folks, for taking the time for Clunk. If you get out on tour don’t forget Carlisle! See you out there, fingers crossed, in 2021.

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