Tiberius is Live! Clumps In The Grass is out now.

Tiberius is a band from Boston. Today is the release of a live video and album Clumps In The Grass. It was recorded in Allston, MA. There’s some new tracks as well as some from the previous album Lull.

Clumps in the Grass sees lead vocalist, Brendan Wright taking Tiberius in a new direction as they enlist the support of band members Kelven Polite (bass), Christian Pace (guitar), and Ben Curell (drums).

“When playing these songs live, I wanted them to be interpretations of the songs by the people I’m playing with, rather than just exact renditions of my songs. I really wanted them to be collaborative in that way,” they said. “I really like the group I’m playing with and wanted to capture this moment in time where all of us were fresh off of playing these songs for a few months.”

If you already know Tiberius then you won’t be disappointed. If it’s all new to you then we reckon that you’re going to enjoy this enough to get you looking out for live dates . We love it here at DeClunk HQ and remember…Tiberius is the middle name of the Captain of the Enterprise, James T. Kirk.

Clumps in the Grass – TRACKLISTING:

1. Lull (live)
2. Hypoxia (live)
3. Alstroemeria (live)
4. Urn (live)
5. Ehrlichiosis (live)
6. Pale Ale (live)

Our army of researchers have done a little legwork for you. Ehrlichiosis is an illness caused by bacteria. Seems quite nasty causing fever and muscle aches. Hypoxia is a condition in which there is decreased oxygenation in the body tissues. Alstroemeria is a plant and you can do your own research on Pale Ale!

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