DeClunk Jude, intrepid explorer, heads out to see The Coral

Cut Glass Kings. Not heard of them. Heavy heavy blues in the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club style, but even more trimmed down as a band. The sound produced with just a drummer and a guitarist/vocalist were immense. Worth checking out. This DeClunker will be seeking out more of them in the future.

The Riverside isn’t a Newcastle venue that we’ve visited before. It is, as the name suggests, right on the banks of the Tyne. It sits in an impressive old building called Neptune House, part of the old fish market.

The place was rammed, like, really rammed. Things like being able to visit the loos, getting served at the bar and even getting a sight of the band were chances that had to be pounced upon, as all were fleeting!

The Coral themselves were excellent. The first half of the show was a playthrough of their tremendous first album, with the perfect ‘Dreaming of You’ of course the standout, among many highlights. The reception all the songs received proved quite how well this debut has stood the test of time.

The second half was a mix of other hits and recent cuts from the very well received ‘Coral Island’. The band were tight, and featured some of the most inventive and interesting musicianship this DeClunker has seen in a long while. The Coral are an experimental band, and not afraid of taking musical tangents. This kept the show interesting and it seemed to fly by in no time at all. ‘In the Morning’, ‘Pass it On’, ‘Jacqueline’ are all pop classics too, showing that no matter how experimental and inventive the band can be, they’ve never lost the ear for a great pop melody.

A really really good night, and a band definitely worth seeing live.

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