Queen Kwong first release from summer album.

Laura-Mary Carter

This is the video to the first single from her upcoming album Couples Only that will be released July 12, 2022 via Sonic Ritual. It’s a pretty visceral and powerful video that’s modeled around the iconic “miscarriage”  scene from Andrzej Żuławski’s 1981 horror classic Possession starring Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neill. It’s called ‘I Know Who You Are’. Check it out.

Carré Kwong Callaway, a.k.a. “Queen Kwong” was originally “discovered” by Trent Reznor at age 17 and he invited her to open his With Teeth shows in 2005.  Since then, she has released a handful of albums and in 2018, she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis while married.  She then went through an ugly divorce and this new album Couples Only was inspired by the divorce.  Some of the songs and lyrics are really fierce about it.  
Roger O’Donnell (The Cure), Kristof Hahn (Swans), Laura-Mary Carter (Blood Red Shoes) all play on the album and it’s produced by Joe Cardamone (The Icarus Line, Dark Mark vs Skeleton Joe).

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