Georgia Tuohey. A soulful voice with a new song.

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There is a new song out there now by Georgia Tuohey. It’s called ‘Bath Water’ and not surprisingly Georgia has been heard on BBC Introducing. We suggest that you give yourself a treat, check out the track and hear Georgia’s soulful voice.

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After securing a place at hit factory Xenomania at the beginning of her career and working as a songwriter since, Georgia Tuohey makes a return to her own music following the success of her debut single ‘Sunday Bliss’. During her time as a songwriter, Georgia has worked with The Kaiser Chiefs, Nadine Coyle, Florrie, Sister duo Vassallo and beyond. She has also worked with many independent artists to bring their ideas to life.<clip_image001.png>With a long focus on her song writing, Georgia has been working away on her own ideas and has released her second single ‘Bath Water’ into the world on 28th August.‘Bath Water’ is combined with soulful piano and some light harmonies that lay on top of Georgia’s vocals. The track was originally penned ten years ago in a small studio room in Manchester. Since its beginnings, it has been developed and sang in different places to different people. Georgia Train of Hookers Songs accompanied ‘Bath Water’ on the piano and produced it, although at opposite ends of the country, both Georgia’s worked on the song to bring it to life.Georgia comments on what can be expected from the single “The song is quite punchy with some attitude here and there, it tells a role reversal story and is the ideal track to add a little motivation to your day”

Listen to ‘Bath Water’ here:

The song goes into some intimate details about a crumbling relationship. Washing in someone else’s bath water seems pretty gross, but something a lot of couples probably do. It’s that opening line that then leads you into a string of other details such as “He don’t mind driving so that, you can drink”. The lyrics tell the story of a close friend who has a really great and loving partner, after a consistent series of bad ones leaving them in despair. The close friend dismisses her partners desperate attempts for affection and she then becomes the ‘heartbreaker’ that once treated her so badly.Georgia leans towards alt-R&B and Soul counting artists such as Jill Scott & Kate Bush as her big influences. The song lends itself to theatrical and soulful tones and Georgia adds “I hope the artists who influence me shine through on this song” ‘Bath Water’ is out now on all platforms.

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