James of the Vinyl Cafe shares his ’10 Albums to Discover/Revisit’.

Only 10 I say! Oh well, there’s been many many re-discoveries, discoveries and re-visits to albums nestled in the dark corners of Vinyl Café Carlisle and at home during Lockdown but here are ten to be going on with that seemed to have been spinning a great deal in the meantime….

  1. Lump – ‘Lump’, once you take a beautiful slice, the ethereal vocals of Laura Marling never leave you, here accompanied by the ingenuity of Tunng’s Mike Lindsay’s woven electronica, spins a mercurial collaboration.

  2. Wilco – ‘Summerteeth’, a great band branching inward to find solace in songwriter Jeff Tweedy’s pain at the time. Killer tracks out of many include, ‘Shot in the arm’, ‘Via Chicago’, ‘She’s a jar’. Classic American songwriting at it’s best especially when the walls are closing in.

  3. Manfred Manns Earth Band – ‘Messin’, as heavy as ‘Purple’ and ‘Sabbath’ at times, but mixing it up totally with progressive ease to parallel early Genesis, a call to arms on the state of things in the world from 1973 still more than relevant today.
  4. Aphex Twin – ‘I Care Because You Do’, always reminds me of what can be achieved on your own in your own space when the outside world is distant. Seems to be out there in its own strangely remote, yet captivating place.
  5. The Lucid Dream – ‘Actualisation’, a hypnotic call to arms, like an abandoned once industrial landscape, a lullaby to ease the worry when the world has gone to sleep. An Ideal wake up call in these uncertain isolating times.  
  6. Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band – ‘Trout Mask Replica’, when nothing else seems to hit the mark…a kaleidoscope of blues, jazz, psychedelia, avant garde, disjointed and spaced out. Immerse yourself and feel refreshed!

  7. Henryk Górecki  ‘Symphony No.3 Op.36’ – Beth GibbonsPolish National Radio Symphony OrchestraKrzysztof Penderecki. A true magnum opus to emotionally lose yourself in a higher realm. It’s good to cry sometimes.
  8. The Beat – ‘I just can’t stop it’, just as immediate and refreshing as it was on release in 1980, the parts that are left by others who just don’t get it. A great pick me up and as powerful as you want it to be at any given time.
  9. The Stranglers – ‘IV’ (Rattus Norvegicus), just listen to ‘London Lady’ and fail not to be moved to excitement when Cornwall lays into ‘Plastic’s real when you’re real sick’, still ahead of the game on many levels. A real clouter of an album that never fails to stir, leave it for a while and let it rear its beautiful ugliness once again.
  10.  Broadcast – ‘The Noise Made By People’, ‘When there’s nothing left to fear’ the magical Trish Keenan sings on the crowd pleaser track ‘Come On Let’s Go’. Angelic cool weaved around experimental chill out. At once tragic but hugely uplifting. A mystifying backdrop to an altogether higher place to rest easy in.

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