The Brave Faces. A Back and Forth Interview.

Hello The Brave Faces…..welcome to the Clunk universe.

Please introduce the band, who does what etc.

Jake: “We’re a five-piece group of late-20-somethings from Brighton, UK – Darrell’s the singer, Leo’s on drums, Mark plays the bass, and Ed and I play the guitars.”

How did you folks get together? How did you end up with the name? drawn out of a hat? Were there other contender names?

Jake: “Darrell and Ed shared a place for a couple of years, started working on music pretty much straight away. Leo grew up with Darrell, so they’ve been friends since they were kids. Mark came to view a room at Darrell and Ed’s – he didn’t take the room, but he joined the band instead. They found me on Gumtree (which is a bit like Craigslist for non-UK folk).” Ed: “I thought of the name ages ago – I was visiting family in France, back when I was working with Darrell on some early stuff that would eventually become the band. I was lying in bed, and the name just came to me. Back in Brighton, I ran it past some of Darrell’s friends at a house party and they thought it was shit – so I buried it. I can be quite impressionable.”

Darrell: “When it became time to start thinking of names again, I brought it back up as an option and we all liked it. I think it fits the band well, it reflects a lot of the themes covered in our songs but to be honest I think all band names sound a bit crap without some decent tunes behind them. I think you could have the worst name in history and ten hits and people would think it’s amazing.”

Tell us about your debut single ‘In The Dark’. What’s it all about? Was it written as a band?

Darrell: “I wrote it years ago in a box room in Brighton. It’s about relationships, the song talks about a relationship between a man and his partner but it could be about anyone. Friends, father and son, etc. The character in the tune is a bit of a Homer Simpson type – not evil or sinister, but certainly not considerate – and is constantly causing their partner pain in some way. Some of the lyrics are splutterings offered up by this person to save face, and others are from a narrator. Lots of my tunes are written in this way, with varying perspectives, and I’m not really sure how it came about or if it’s a good or bad thing.”

There are plans for further releases this year. Can you tell us what and when?

Ed: “We recorded three tracks over three days, at Echo Zoo studios in Eastbourne with Dave Lynch. ‘In the Dark’ is the first of those, and we have two more coming out in 2020 – ‘Lots of Nights Out’ and ‘It Takes a While’. All three are quite different from one another in terms of the themes and how they sound, so we’re really excited to be getting them out there.”

One presumes that you grew up listening to lots of music, what were you into? Were your parents musicians?

Darrell: “From what I can remember in the early years I grew up choosing to listen to the Spice Girls and The Smurfs. My parents would always be listening to Lou Reed, Bowie and oddly enough James Bond soundtracks. As a result, I have what I suppose is a natural affinity to Mr Reed and David but also a strange love of the song ‘Goldfinger.’ My dad played the guitar a bit and would sing along to Beatles tunes telling me they were the best band in the world. I couldn’t get my fingers to do what his did, and it wasn’t until a mate started playing that I really got into it’’.

A few bands are playing live online as all gigs have been cancelled. Have you folks got any plans to do something?

Darrell: “We can’t go out or be in a room together because we hate each other, and there is also the coronavirus going on at the moment. I’m gonna be doing a couple of live streams on various platforms, just me a guitar and a whole lot of reverb. The pyrotechnics and the inflatable unicorn have been ordered and will be arriving shortly so I’m almost ready to go. If you’re interested follow us @thebravefaces.”

Thank you The Brave Faces, for taking the time for Clunk. See you out there, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.

Thanks for speaking to us.

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