Jehnny Beth shares new song ‘Heroine’.

Savages' Jehnny Beth unveils debut LP, To Love Is To Live

Did you see Jehnny Beth’s performance at the 6music festival? If you didn’t then check it out. You can see ‘I’m Your Man’ on 3 for Friday right here on Clunk. Jehnny Beth releases her debut album ‘To Love Is To Live’ on June 12th and we are really looking forward to getting our mitts on it. The song ‘Herione’ is the latest to be shared from it. Read what Jehnny has to say then give it a listen then get the album pre-ordered;

“When I think of this song, I think of Romy from The xx strangling my neck with her hands in the studio. She was trying to get me out of my shell lyrically, and there was so much resistance in me she lost her patience. The song was originally called ‘Heroism,’ but I wasn’t happy because it was too generic. [The producer] Flood was the first one to suggest to say ‘Heroine’ instead of ‘Heroism.’ Then I remember Johnny Hostile late at night in my hotel room in London saying ‘I don’t understand who you are singing about. Who is the Heroine? You ARE the Heroine.’ The next morning, I arrived early in the studio and recorded my vocals adding ‘to be’ to the chorus line: ‘all I want is TO BE a heroine.’ Flood entered the studio at that moment and jumped in the air giving me the thumbs up through the window. I guess I’m telling this story because sometimes we look around for role models, and examples to follow, without realizing that the answer can be hidden inside of us. I was afraid to be the Heroine of the song, but it took all the people around me to get me there.”

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