Lala Lala…….new single, video and album.

You might find this interesting. Lala Lala, the project of Chicago-based musician Lillie West, will release her new album, ‘I Want The Door To Open’this Friday, October 8th, on Hardly Art.

Today, she presents a mesmerising new video, for new single and album closer, Utopia Planet.” Amorphous synth elevates West’s surging voice and later, saxophone by Sen Morimoto blooms as a recording of West’s grandmother unfurls across the track. It is the fitting end to the inner labyrinth that West maps on ‘I Want The Door To Open’, a musical quest undertaken with the knowledge that the titular door may never open; but it is through falling in love with the quest itself that one may find the closest thing to total freedom, total possibility, and total acceptance available to us. The video, created by Meggie van Zwieten, is in step with the digital aesthetic presented on the album cover. 

“‘Utopia Planet’ was born because my friend Kara Jackson and I challenged each other to write a song about Utopia,” says West. “I tried to imagine a great expanse, abundance, an open door. It’s an invitation to surrender. I used a recording of my grandmother to take you further into another world.”

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