A DeClunk Q & A with Mango In Euphoria

Mango in Euphoria has a single coming out on June 10th, it’s called Goddess. DeClunk will share the video with you around the time. Before that get to know her a little with this Q & A.

Hello Mango in Euphoria…..welcome to the DeClunk universe.

Please describe your surroundings so that we can all get snug for the Q & A.

I was born in Paris suburbs, I was raised in the south west of France near Toulouse, I lived for one year in Florida and now it’s been three years I’m living in London !

Why the name Mango In Euphoria?

Mango is a name I chose while being a bit wasted to be completely honest, but it’s also my favorite fruit. In Euphoria was supposed to be ‘In Paradise’ at the start, I was just looking for a cool artist name during the lockdown and instead of finding a regular english sounding name I wanted to make it cool and special, so I was taking a look at beautiful words on the internet.

The debut single ‘Goddess’ is out in June. Can you tell us about the song and the cover art. Why are you naked holding a baseball bat,what is this representing?

The baseball bat is actually going to be in the music video. It represents my anger. In the music video, it’s a magic bat that gives me power. It’s very Harley Quinn inspired, a DC character that always inspired me although I’m not a big fan of Batman. I love the Gotham City aesthetics and Harley could be me if I was a fictional character.

I just didn’t have any outfit idea when I did the artwork, and I actually shot pictures with the outfits from the music video, but they ended up being the press release pictures. That particular picture of me naked was the only one we tried with this style and color and I thought I looked good, so why not. There’s nothing deep in that artwork, I just think it matches the music video really well, and I’m a whole person not ashamed of who I am, so here you go, you have me naked !

Can you give us an account of your journey to this point? You seem to have travelled, both geographically and spiritually and that seems integral to your art. Would that be fair to say?

Yes, definitely. I traveled more before the pandemic because I was just focused on building myself, and since the pandemic my money is really going into music, but hopefully I’ll take the plane soon, stay tuned.

The spiritual awakening happened after the most horrific time of my life. And you see things in a different way after a hard time. You also evolve and learn all the time but it pushes you to be a better person.

Can you tell us what other plans that you have for 2022? Is there a tour? Further releases? If you make it to Carlisle there’s a dinner at DeClunk HQ (don’t let that put you off!)

There are huge things coming for 2022, and I’ve been waiting a long time for this… Sometimes some things don’t go as planned and it was way more difficult for me to accomplish things on my own when I didn’t have a music manager, but now I have my team and I’m very grateful for that. Be prepared for a next single this summer after Goddess.

If we were to come hang out with you for a weekend in your neck of the woods where would you takes us? You are the Entertainment Committee!

Heaven nightclub, for sure.

Are there any bands/artists that you recommend we have a listen to or go see?

Lana, Gaga, Grimes, The Struts, Miley Cyrus are my basics, but each month I create a new playlist because I get bored very quickly and I listen to a lot of different artists and different styles.

Many thanks for the time with DeClunk. We look forward to hearing more music and seeing you in action.

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