Fat White Family and Working Men's Club in Kendal. Clunk was there!

It’s only Rock n Roll

Working Men’s Club came on to an expectant crowd. For those yet to see them perform their reputation has arrived beforehand. We were not disappointed as the trusty WMC drum machine kicked in and they are under way. Frontman Syd is still warming up, getting into a groove with tee shirt still on. At this point he’s looking a bit like a caged tiger, working his moves on the space the size of a postage stamp. It’s not long into the 6 song set, however, that he has the shirt off and is over the barrier and into the crowd. The song, Teeth, that nervy, edgy dance track finishes the set. We are all buzzing!

How to follow that? How about 17 songs from The Fat White Family. It all started with Autoneutron, just to get us in the mood. All pretty calm so far. Like Working Men’s Club, it’s not long before the front man, Lias, is shirtless. He is also up on the barrier orchestrating a mosh pit. He instantly has them in the palm of his hands and they love the somewhat crazed performance. His next move is to get in amongst them which has the couple of security guards instantly getting twitchy. In between each number Nathan, on the keyboards, is constantly asking the crowd ‘who’s got the drugs?’. Guitarist Saul Adamczewski really goads the security, doing their very best to keep us all safe, by, heaven forbid, lighting a cigarette! One security person steps on the stage and heads toward Saul but, with a wry smile and fag in mouth, he’s having none of it. He backs up, she follows but realises that it’s all better off left alone. Halfway through the set Lias takes a lay down, the whole band chill and Saul, having escaped the not too strong arm of the law, sings and strums Goibalz to us. Lias swigs on a can, which revitalises him and he’s up joining in with the vocals. Nathan is still at it ‘who’s got the drugs?’. Lias is now revved up again for the final few numbers, back on the barrier, back in the crowd. Brilliant, sweaty, shirtless Rock n Roll death disco!

Working Men’s Club with shirt!

And without!

Fat White Family…with shirt

And now without!

Right….Who’s got the drugs?!
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