Album: Dead Star Talk – ‘Too Many Too Much’ out today.

Copenhagen/Hamburg-based newcomers DEAD STAR TALK are Christian Buhl (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Günes Kocak (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Erik Jensen (Bass Guitar) and Claus Nielsen (Drums / Percussion). A band made up of old friends and former bandmates that were all active on the Copenhagen guitar-rock scene of the 00’s. It’s this shared history and obvious love for rock ‘n’ roll that eventually led them to found DEAD STAR TALK. Now, the group have unveiled their latest, jam-packed offering; ‘Too Many, Too Much’, out February 18th via Massive 92 Records

The band’s main songwriter Christian was brought up on British guitar music: “I grew up during the glory days of Britpop and attended the British section of an international school in Brussels, which turned out to be quite formative for my development as a songwriter”. This can indeed be heard on the album opener “Soul On The Wire”, which fiercely explodes with the kind of attitude oasis would have been proud of, while “Wonders Vs. Marathons” demonstrates an almost Ocean Colour Scene’esque coolness.

Christian however also underlines that “…the other lads in the band don’t have much of a connection to British music and are mainly shaped by harder Danish and American rock music, so there’s definitely more to us than my British influences.” Simply put the 10 songs on “Too Many Too Much” may indeed trigger nostalgic reactions from the millennial Britpop crowd, but the album’s unpolished and rough production, the band’s obvious love of what they’re doing and various sources of inspiration, add up to the band’s contagious, timeless and urgent sound.

“We work with real urgency and trust our gut feeling, so we always start working on every song as if it was the last chance we’d ever get to play it. As such we don’t waste time on micro-managing each other and the creative process. I believe this energy and approach comes across very clearly on the album, which we recorded in just 10 days” Christian explains.

In short, urgency, roughness and big melodies are what make “Too Many Too Much” an album worthy of your attention. The group will continue their successful run in the year to come, string coming European 2022 live dates confirmed, in which they will bring their infectious sound to the music-loving masses.

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