Introducing Juvenal. A cracking double A side single for your ears.

Juvenal are new to our ears and we thought that you folks might like them too. It’s a good old fashioned double A side. ‘She’s Hard Work’ rocks along, it’s catchy and perfect for a little groove around the front room, kitchen or anywhere you fancy. ‘Time Is Right’ involves some raucous vocals with the arrogance of Liam Gallagher and some classic hefty guitar work. The more we hear them the more we like ’em. Have a listen then read what the band have to say. Go on, get on board!

Here’s what the band have to say:

” ‘She’s Hard Work’ is a song about a group of girls we couldn’t keep with on a night out. We spent a week with them and found they could out drink and out dance us, and by the end of the week we were knackered. The songs fast past nature reflects this feeling of exasperation, with short sharp guitar hooks to keep the pace. This has been a Juvenal fan favourite since it was written.”

” ‘Time is Right’ is a modern homage to some of our favourite inspirations. The nature of the song, being a classic rock love song, allowed us to incorporate some of the psychedelia we love from bands like Led Zeppelin and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. A joint bass and guitar counter melody accompanied by a heavy kick line and ’70s glam style vocals built the base of the track, which gave us room to add as many weird guitar and vocal parts as we wanted, fleshing out the track.”

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