Dana Gavanski…A Back and Forth Interview.

Hi Dana, welcome to the Clunk universe.

Please could you describe your surroundings? Where are you? Whatcan you see?

Other than my laptop, I am hanging out in the living room of a sublet

in Montéal as my friend’s cat Weirdo warms my side, listening to

Some Kinda Love by The Velvet Underground. I’m surrounded by

walls of books. A very large old and dogeared map of Indochina

hangs on one of the walls before me. There are dried flowers in

vases, the deep hum of appliances and I can hear the sound of the

upstairs neighbours feet.

In your pictures you look like a perfectly nice person. However, in

your video for ‘Catch’ you seem to turn into a not very nice person.

What with all that killing plus is that a hint of cannibalism or just

feeding the cats? Looks like your catching your dinner! Please


Haha. Yeah, I’m just feeding my cats! Basically, in the video, I’m a cat

mother who needs to feed her cats. So I go out ‘hunting’ to bring

back food for them. It’s my metaphor for creativity in the sense that

it’s really hard to create, and feed your inspiration and you have to

do this daily and it’s not easy, otherwise, you’ll ‘starve.’ Also, at the

time, I was living in Belgrade for the summer and watching a

particular cat family daily and I guess the idea just kinda popped into

my mind watching the mother cat always on the prowl for food to

feed little family.

You were considering a career in the film industry. Do you still fancy

this? If as an actor, what sort of part would you consider? Or would

you follow in your father’s footsteps as a producer?

I was! I wanted to write and direct and act, though mostly the first

two. I was just young and feeling inspired by everything and desired

to find my language in what I saw and experienced. But I generally

just romanticized my time away. For sure, I would love to continue in

this direction in one way or another, but with my primary focus on


Was it your parents that exposed you to music? If so, what music?

Did they play? Sing?

Yeah, in a way. They both really enjoy music. Lots of world and

Balkan music. My dad got me hooked on Leonard Cohen. My mother

always had the classical station on, playing symphonies and operas.

My mother often cites my musicality to the time when she was

singing in a choir and pregnant with me. I’m very lucky as both my

mother and father have always been very supportive and


Is there going to be an album release in 2020? Are the singles from

2019 going to be on it? Are all songs written and recorded? When

can I get my hands on one? I want one now!

Yup! There’ll be an album pretty soon and some of the singles will be

on it! Everything is done for the current album in question but I can’t

say when just yet 🙂

There are a couple of dates in Britain next year and I can’t make

either! Will you be adding to these? How about a gig in Carlisle?

Aww darn! For now, that’s all we’ve got in the books for February

and April but there will be lots more in the near future. I’d love to do

a gig in Carlisle! Never been there before. Hopefully soon!

Thanks, Dana, for taking the time for Clunk. Look forward to seeing

you in 2020. Happy New Year!

Hey, thank you! Was a pleasure! Happy new year!

Dana goes out for cat food.

You can purchase here


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