The Final Page?

Clunk has come under fire and this may be the last page as Clunk. An email was received at Clunk HQ under the headline ‘Polite Notice’. I didn’t find it very polite at all! This has rather upset me, I am both sad and pissed off. Apparently there is a magazine and media company out there called Clunk. Basically they have accused me of nicking their name and are threatening to take legal action. It seems that I have been causing the brand some damage.

 ‘I am afraid that I can no longer turn a blind eye to the brand damage which you are conducting towards CLUNK Media and its affiliate companies such as CLUNK Magazine and CLUNK PR.’

I had never heard of this brand until the weekend.

 ‘I am sure you were aware when you set up your website, our brand is well established within the music industry. I have no doubt that you chose CLUNK as a name was intentional.’

So, after 3 years of work I think I have to stop posting as Clunk. I really had no idea that this well known brand existed. Obviously I would not want to cause damage to any brand. Had I wanted to pull off such a dirty trick I would be called The NME or Rolling Stone! I do not have the means to take on such a big, glossy, well-known brand, I mean, it even has an Editor-in-Chief.

So, I’m not sure what to do. I have mixed feelings, pack it all in after all this time or rename. This little Clunk is feeling pretty battered.

Thanks to all the artists and bands that have sent info to me and to those that happily did an interview. Apologies to any who thought that they were dealing with something associated with Big Brand Clunk. I can assure you that it was unintentional and I have never received any complaints.

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