Pit Pony…..a Clunk Back and Forth Interview.

Hello Pit Pony….Welcome to the Clunk Universe.

All: Hello Clunk Universe!

Please tell us who does what in the band and how the band came to be.

Potter: So we’ve got our Jackie singing, guitarists Garth and Andrew (J), Joey on drums and I (Potter) play bass and do a bit of shouting. It all came about by accident really, Jackie, Garth and I had known each other for a few years from previous bands and when they went quiet we decided to start a knew one. After a few guitarists and drummers Andrew and Joey slotted in and we were all set!

AndrewJ: It’s always fun to play with new musicians and I think our different taste’s and influences come together quite nicely. Usually, Garth or myself will share a riff we’ve been playing around while Jackie works on a strong melody, Joey & Potter’s rhythm section give it a real pulse and we go from there. ‘Osaka’ was the first song we wrote together and is a good example of that approach.

Where are you folks based and how come the name Pit Pony?

Potter: We are from all over the North East, a dash of South Shields, a sprinkle of Durham, a splash of Boro, a bit of Northumberland and a pinch of the toon!

You have 3 words each to describe your sound to Clunk readers!

All: We had a review a while back that said “Fuzz Fuelled Garage” so let’s go with that!

Sulk is the latest single release, a cracker. Tell us what it’s all about.

Jackie: Although the ‘I wanna go out tonight’ sentiment has never rung truer during lockdown Sulk was actually written before it started. It’s about love/hate relationships and being stubborn. A bit like a ‘between the devil and the deep blue sea’ relationship when you want to be independent but underneath you realise you need other people. I suppose it has a lockdown nod in that sense as we’ve all realised how we miss one another and have been reaching out to friends and family.

The video for Sulk is a busy video made up of lots of clips of old film. Is that Raymond Burr at the start? Really enjoying it. Why and how did you go about choosing those clips?

Potter: That’s great thank you, it is! Well spotted! The video comes from a collaboration with a Newcastle based director Sel Maclean (@yakamoz_film) who directed our first video for our song Dutch Courage. They are both fantastic and we couldn’t be happier with them, check out some other cool work he’s done on Instagram.

What are your plans? New releases ready to go? A nice vinyl EP or album? Maybe a tour for 2021? Holiday in the sun?

Potter: No sun I’m afraid, I don’t suit a tan anyway! There’s a few more digital singles we were lucky enough to record before lockdown but other than that we don’t really know! Let’s say it can be a surprise!!!

Have you been musically creative during lockdown? Writing new songs? Sending each other ideas?

Potter: When we’ve had the chance! We have managed to put together a few live(ish) tracks for a few radio sessions and a few ideas have been thrown around. We can’t wait to get together and try and create something with them all.

I’ve recently read that Kurt Cobain’s iconic grunge cardigan worn on Unplugged sold for over $300,000. A while back handwritten lyrics for A day In The Life by John Lennon went for over a $1,000, 000. If you had several shedloads of money what piece of music memorabilia would you splash out on?

Potter: That’s a really good question! I’m a big Clash fan so maybe Paul Simonon’s smashed bass? Either that or a lock of hair from H from Steps’ chest.

Here at Clunk HQ the lockdown achievement has been taming two collared doves to sit in my hands. What have you achieved that’s been good for the soul? Learning origami? Jumping around every day with Joe whatsisname?

Potter: We’re all actually ‘key workers’ so little to no new skills have been achieved, however the bird thing sounds pretty cool, might try it with a pigeon.

If we were to come to your neck of the woods and hang out with you for the weekend where would you take us? You are the Entertainments Committee!

Potter: It would have to start in the Ouseburn Valley, lots of music venues, pubs, restaurants and even a farm so loads to do. Then head into town to our favourite bar Zerox (@zerox_newcastle) for loads of class music until late!

Tell us about any bands/singers that we should be checking out that we may not have come across.

Potter: Jackie and I present a community radio show with our friend John called The 1:45 (@the145radio) so we are lucky to get a lot of new music from there. Currently a favourite of mine is BIGFATBIG (@bigfatbig) from Sunderland, they’re absolutely class!

When live music is back don’t forget to get Carlisle on your list. It’ll be great to have you over.

All: See you there hopefully!

Thanks for taking the time with Clunk. We hope to get out to see you folks in action in the not-too-distant future.


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