The Back and Forth Interview with Snapped Ankles

The new album by Snapped Ankles is out on March 1st. It’s called Stunning Luxury and it’s ace! Go consume! Here is a bit of Back and Forth with Austin.

How come the name Snapped Ankles? Not from personal experience hopefully.

The name comes from Rob Rainer’s Misery starring Kathy Bates

I watched the film of Live at KEXP, interesting costumes…… any fans turn up at the gig wearing similar garb? I’m seeing you in Newcastle so need to know!

Not yet but we’d totally encourage the front row to be like hedges…….England is famous for it’s hedgerows. There are 700,000km of hedgerows in Britain… the distance to the moon and back.

Love ‘I want my minutes back’. Any specific minutes you want back?

Well…..where do you start?….trying to climb out of a youtube hole after losing 3 hours of your life watching random people’s homemade memes. No, I don’t want them back now. I’m glad for those journeys down those holes_ not seen anything that needs to be unseeing…yet….click depending!

Waiting with anticipation for the new album landing on my doorstep in early March. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

So, it’s our second attempt at a greatest hits album with a bit of conceptualising and a load of dancing on the graves of rave and rock and roll. The concept part comes from performances we have done dressed as evil developers selling off the culturally valuable venues for profit to overseas investors….so many cities now are transforming_ _ some parts are regeneration for the better and then the side that affects us most is the commodification of the building industry_ oh, someone just bought me a cup of tea and a biscuit _ I better dash!


Thanks for taking the time for Clunk. See you next week in Newcastle.

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