The Velvicks release new single video.

This is Rock in that classic mould that you and your dad /mum might share a liking to as you cruise one of the UK’s mighty motorways. So, give it a whirl and Rock with your family. This is the new release from the Velvicks. It’s called ‘LA’ and gets the thumbs up from across the Clunk HQ table. Have a listen, watch and read the Press Release below.

NYC-based rockers The Velvicks share a new single, “L.A.,” a sultry slow burner with an effortlessly cool rock n’ roll grit. “L.A.” pays homage to everyone who gives up on most of life’s ordinary experiences, known by most people as happiness, to pursue what brings them sanity, joy. Sounding more classic than contemporary, “L.A.” differs from the singles released so far by the band. Expect Tom Petty meets Smashing Pumpkins. It’s a tune that sings to everyone who sacrifices time to devote themselves to developing a skill and dedicate their life to it, bypassing the inevitable self doubt, existential crises and social disapproval to most likely, in the end, deal with deceptions. Cheers to the brave hearted blind faith knuckleheads out there. 

The Velvicks’ debut EP RUN (out July 24) was self-produced and recorded live, bringing out the band’s raw garage rock vibe, and paying homage to the 70’s and 90’s with a blend of hardrock hooks and energetic songwriting. It’s similarity to multiple iconic rock bands from QOTSA to The Strokes resonates as a familiar sound yet completely new. Engineered and mixed by Max Low and Joe Ulmer, “RUN” is revisiting the core essence of Rock but with a contemporary signature.

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