The Elephant Trees release their latest song ‘Survival’.

The latest track from The Elephant Trees is out there for your pleasure. It’s called ‘Survival’. One can take it on board two ways for your first listen….go down the ‘we really need these lyrics during these difficult times’ or you could just turn it up and jump around your front room (other rooms may be available). On the other hand you could mix it up, jump around and sing along. It’s your call. Here at Clunk we prefer the jumping around, although we are old and get tired very quickly so we will soon sit down and take it in. It works on both levels. Take a listen, like it, spend money!

check em out here

Here’s the blurb

The new single from The Elephant Trees has been dubbed music for a nation in self isolation, with the current lockdown in full swing ‘Survival’ has the potential to become an anthem of our times. Written over six months ago in retaliation to the press and their representation of the climate change crisis
and recorded at London based Urchin Studios with renowned Producer Dan Cox (Laura Marling, Lianne La Havas, Tom Odell), in December 2019, this aptly named single terrifyingly gets more relevant every day.
Martha (lead singer / songwriter) says “Last summer, I was on the train home and I saw an article online attacking Extinction Rebellion. I started scribbling words that turned to lyrics, I was angry, the planet’s going to shit, and I was frustrated that an entity like XR was gettng so much negative press, when they are trying to do something about it. Regardless if you agree with their actions, their intentions are correct. I got home and Sam had been working on this baseline that had an alertness to it, coupled with thrashy guitars, it sounded how I felt. The song came together really quick, I think we were both in the same headspace. We recorded it in December, not long after we’d found out about the election, we were all devastated and it kind of gave the track a new meaning, now it’s come to releasing and it’s even more poignant. Worryingly, it
keeps gettng more and more relevant and real, survival is all we cling to, but none of us are fit enough.”
A symbol of home (Guiseley, Leeds but now based across the Moors in Manchester) for the band is a group of trees that grew to form the silhouette of a herd of elephants, and this landmark inevitably become their band name. ’The Elephant Trees’ themselves have become a symbol [=] quite literally (see the band & management taToos) of remembering your roots whilst exploring exactly who you are and embracing every aspect of that individuality.
They’ve been told it’s not a great band name but ‘The Elephant Trees’ ethos isn’t about being the coolest or trendiest band on social media. They care about creating a community and safe space for everyone that has ever felt out of place or lost. Mental health, sexuality and ‘growing up’ to discover the world’s complexities form the basis of the songs Martha writes. She pours out her findings on stage as Sam and Tom (resident drummer until he inevitably becomes Prime Minister) chaotically create a sonic backdrop. This is a band to
see play live on a big stage – such as their recent fesLval opener on the Hard Rock Stage at The Isle of Wight Festival.

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