Nick Vivid …New album and A Declunk Back and Forth Interview.

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Nick Vivid is a new name to Declunk that we thought you might like to get to know a little. Nick’s new album is out now and it’s called ‘No More Secrets’. It’s a glam disco and you’re all invited! Below is some stuff about the album then it’s a Declunk Back and Forth Interview with Nick. There’s a couple of videos here and a link to the album. Get on it!

NoMoreSecrets arrives hot on the heels of Vivid’s newest single, the ooey gooey psychedelic track “I Wanna Reign Again” about how he, like most people after all the Covid lockdowns and restrictions, just wants to “get back out there and live again.” The album’s previous singles  “Trainers” (about second chances and starting anew when something isn’t working out the way you want it to) and “Hush Money (straight to the bribe)” (about the choice of being a “bullshitter” vs. being an “honest person”) hone in on a main theme on the album of owning one’s choices as to who we are and what we’re about and how personal limits can be shattered the moment we decide to shatter them.

Elsewhere on the album, there’s a hypnotic electro-psych tune about “allowing life to happen” instead of complaining about it on social media (“We Can Ride”), a lo-fi synth tune about empty threats (Blackmail”), a menacing, downbeat electro track about open honesty (“No More Secrets”), and a swirling indie-electro song with hints of ’80s video game soundscapes about subconscious self-sabotage (“Ain’t Enough”). There’s also a cathartic groovy lo-fi tune written about the effects he experienced with his mother’s death (“The Sky is Falling”). Closing out the album is a funky indie track (“Blank Slate“) that brings the reassuring, optimistic theme back into focus, “’Maybe we didn’t screw up too badly here… Things just might turn out ok.'” He adds that this fourth album has as much to do with him as it does with the loss of his parents, “the complicated relationships with them and the strange mix of values they each passed down.”

Hello Nick……welcome to the Declunk universe!

Great to be somewhere different for a change.

Please describe your surroundings.

Piles of Nick Vivid merchandise surround me. T-Shirts, Cassettes, Vinyl, Stickers, Buttons – all of which can be found on sale at

Where did you spend your younger years and what memories do you have of that place?

The attic of my family home in Buffalo NY. I was a bit of a recluse – writing music, learning instruments, recording songs, and hacking away on computers and electronic equipment in my attic lab. I had a ton of ambition but it was hard to realize it in that environment, which is why I eventually left for NYC. 

What music did you grow up listening to? Did family or friends have an early influence on introducing you to music?

KISS was my favorite band. I was big into theatrical “larger than life” artists growing up. I saw music as escapism as much as I saw it as “in your face” reality. My mom played piano and loved Bowie and Queen. She was also into anything weird and otherworldly. We would go to concerts together. My dad was a DJ on a soul station and he was into hip hop when it first started happening in the late 70s. We had two turntables and a microphone in the living room.

Tell us about your album No More Secrets. Is there a theme running through it? Where was it recorded?

Both of my parents died in the past two years and the pandemic was a big influence. So yeah, there’s a lot of loss and soul searching in the lyrics. I looked in the mirror a lot and got honest with myself more than I ever had. I was also able to get honest about my relationship with my family. It wasn’t a good family. It could have been great. But it wasn’t. In all the failings I witness in life I always lament what could have been – the loss of a dream or an idea that couldn’t reach its potential. I tend to write about that kind of thing.

How would you describe your sound. Perhaps you could make up yet another genre label especially for it.

I used the term “Art Funk” before. One fan told me it was like Bowie on Funk Steroids. I like all of those ideas. If Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, or Wire were soul artists, perhaps.

What plans do you have for 2022? Are you heading for the UK? There is dinner at Declunk HQ in it!

I would love to. It’s in the plans to do the UK, Europe, and Japan within the next year or so. I’m still forging relationships with booking agents and venues. And I still work for food from time to time, so not a problem!

If we were to come to your neck of the woods for a weekend, where would you take us? You are the Entertainments Committee!

We’d ride the subway to Washington Square Park ’cause it’s the greatest blend of all cultures coexisting peacefully in one space anywhere in the entire world. Then we’d hit the East Village for a trip down St. Marks towards A1 Records. Then a stop at Katz’ Deli, ’cause you gotta do that. I’m sure there’s gonna be a good party that my man Twig The Wonderkid will be DJing at, so we’ll hit that to cap off night one. Day two we would head to the Brooklyn hip hop landmarks and stop at the Sampler to see some DJs do their thing. Day three is Queens and the Rock n Roll Stuff – the Ramones high school and the old legendary Coventry – which I think is now a shoe store. 

What is the crappiest job that you’ve had?

I cleaned air ducts for these racists in Buffalo. The first rule in the employee handbook stressed the importance of wearing deodorant. Apparently that had been a problem before. I lasted only a couple days there. In the middle of a job at a client’s house I thought “Nope this is definitely not for me.” I then calmly walked out to my van and left.

Any bands/artists that you recommend we check out?

Yikers in Nashville does an interesting blend of modern hip hop and synthwave. The BSC Crew in Japan is doing some cool funk and soul beatmaking stuff. The Supply Chain crew in Brooklyn does nights at the aforementioned Sampler and reps a lot of great artists making beats on Roland SP-404’s and all that. Kurt Underscore is a NYC artist that does solid chiptune stuff. There’s also this really cool art rock band from Tacoma Washington called Cellophane Eyes that I’ve been digging, as well.

Thanks Nick, for taking the time with Declunk.

This is where you find Nick’salbum

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