Potpourri debut album. It’s poptastic!

The members of Potpourri haven’t been together that long, 18 months or so. In that short time the band has been closely followed by Clunk. But, despite this, the band have gained airplay on national radio, 6Music, and were booked for a live slot on Marc Riley’s evening show. Unfortunately that had to be cancelled, perhaps next year. Potpourri fit nicely into the Bingo Records output. Their catchy pop songs are now all in one place on the debut album ‘First Dance’. My copy arrived today, which I purchased on the strength of the first 2 singles. There has since been a third release. There is something old fashioned about the cover, sort of a late 50s into the 60s feel about it. If you’re quick enough you can bag yourself a limited cream coloured vinyl. It’s good, give it a listen, have yourself a poptastic little boogie.

get a copy here


Get to know the band a little here, an interview from back in April


Have a listen to Postcards here

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