Scott and the Flying Kicks release new song Mr. Miyagi

Here’s something new to Clunk HQ and we rather like it. You might just find yourself singing this catchy little number. Who knows, your work colleagues and friends might be asking ‘ooh, whats that your singing?’ Of course you can answer, like the cool kid in the playground ‘Haven’t you heard? It’s Scott and the Flying Kicks’. Here it is..

Here’s Scott to tell you a little about the song

The idea for the song came when somebody referred to me as ‘Mr Miyagi’ when they found out I had taken a cleaning job after being made redundant during the pandemic.
The song is about how my life changed from having a successful yet stressful career prior to the pandemic, to having to settle for a low paid ‘temporary’ job to continue to support my family. Coming out of lockdown and still working part-time, the song reflets on feelings of failure and that I should have achieved more during furlough and later through unemployment. The song also acknowledges that I actually may be better off without the stress, responsibility and money that I had before as I am able to spend much more time with my wife and children and doing the things that I enjoy.
The majority of the song was recorded and produced by myself in just one day. The track was then sent to Seb, my good friend, to record the drums. This was then mixed and mastered in my home studio, taking 3 days in total.

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