Colleen Green’s new album ‘Cool’

The new offering from Colleen Green is full of cool, perfect pop. It’s been a long wait for this record, six years. It’s got plenty that you’ll soon find yourself singing along to, ‘I Wanna Be A Dog’ and ‘You Don’t Exist’ in particular. There’s the grittier ‘Highway’ and the album ends with a gentle instrumental ‘Pressure To Come’. Mostly it’s a breezy record with a positive feel, just the right thing to be listening to this Saturday morning.

Here’s what Colleen has to say of the new single ‘Highway’

 “The newest in a long line of my songs that use driving and being in cars as allegory. Living and touring on the west coast for 10 years, I grew to dislike the highway. It represents so many things that I hate about myself and about humanity/society in general. Not having a car for over a decade helped make me a much calmer person. When I’m on the bus or walking, I am stress-free. I don’t have to talk and I don’t have to worry about anything. I love being able to look all around me and notice beautiful, simple things. When people are on the highway, they’re going too fast to notice any kind of beauty, and they have a whole mess of stressors to deal with. Country roads represent freedom and serenity. Something I appreciate about where I’m from and where I’m now living again is that there are many different ways to get to a place. Even though LA is a huge city, there’s pretty much only one way to get anywhere and it’s very confining.” 

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