Holy Other….new track from brand new album ‘Lieve’

British producer Holy Other has shared the last single from the new album with “Shudder“, which features NYX Electronic Drone Choir & Daniel Thorne. His new album ‘Lieve‘ is out today via his own imprint. Read on then have a listen.

Have you ever tried to leave your problems behind? No matter how hard you try to reshape yourself, your past remains. This is an album about L(i)eaving, coming to terms with the past, and trying to live in the present.

Much like his past work, Holy Other leaves the listener to draw their own semantic conclusions from the record. The lyrics are ambiguous — ghostly voices, whispers and stutters interwoven with his signature sound palette.

Still, the expressive mood from prior releases remains intact, even if these intimate textures and deft rhythms pick up more mature questions about false starts and failed escapes

Check out ‘Shudder’ here..

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