Ameliarose…..’Goliath’ video released today, new EP later in the year.

We like this at Clunk HQ. Ameliarose is a new name to us. Goliath is a song that builds into a something big. Check it out. Get on the bandwagon!
At only 19-years-old, ameliarose is just getting started.

A self-produced, singer-songwriter from New York, her melancholic, piano-based atmosphere is complemented with intricate drums, ethereal vocals, & slam poetry—equally inspired by Fiona Apple, Jeff Buckley & contemporaries like Arlo Parks. During the pandemic, she has built an impressive, organic fanbase from consistent live streaming across Twitch, VOLUME, & Spoon.

As an experienced entertainer, ameliarose has performed on American Idol & Sofar Sounds, and live at The Knitting Factory, The Bitter End, Ladybug Festival, Elm City Music Festival, & Aloft.

Today, ameliarose brings you “GOLIATH”—the first single from her debut EP (due Autumn 2021). With over 1000 hours of dedicated live streaming during the pandemic, ameliarose has built a dedicated, online following across Discord, Instagram & TikTok (going viral with a  jazz-cover duet of Mother Mother’s “Hayloft” with 113.7K views & engagement from the band).

Don’t underestimate the power of ameliarose’s GOLIATH. It’s an anthem for overcoming toxic relationships; getting over that feeling of being helplessly stuck in your situation. Through the evolution of the song, ameliarose describes herself as “rotten and sold to who bid the most”, which is a parallel to how she feels her relationships have been on display, publicly, similar to an auction. The multi-octave vocal jumps in the chorus “spewed out of frustration, thinking about who I would’ve become if I hadn’t been surrounded by specific people”, in the artist’s words. GOLIATH is a powerful track with metaphors and deeper meanings littered throughout the single. The song will be one of the title tracks on her upcoming EP, titled ‘DEAD MOTHS IN MY SUGAR’. 
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