PINS release new album Hot Slick. We love it!

Here at Clunk HQ we’ve been waiting with great anticipation for the new PINS album Hot Slick. The last gig we attended before ‘you know what’ was PINS. A great gig it was too and having Dad danced for the whole show I have been looking forward to reliving the experience around the front room. The record arrived on Friday. PINS photos have seen them adorned in very shiny plastic for a while, not this time. It’s just an arm. Well, not just an arm….a very shiny arm. It’s simple, shiny and looks great. The bonus is that you can pose the arm with your own shoulder for that all important silly picture (see above). So, what about the record? It’s a cracking record. The title track is the opener, it puts one straight into jumping up and down mode and it’s an easy one to sing along too! The party continues in my head throughout the whole album, one can enjoy a little groove along with some of the chanty lyrics. It’s a collection of bright and breezy catchy synth pop that needs turning up to a high volume. Hang on, I think I’ve jarred my back and thrown a hip out! We love it! Give it a listen and decide for yourself.

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