Logic 1000 release new EP.

Logic1000: In The Sweetness Of You. CD. Norman Records UK

Logic 1000 released a new EP, titled ‘The Sweetness Of You’, on Friday. In case you don’t know Logic 1000 is the project of Samantha Poulter, currently based in Berlin.If you fancy a vinyl copy, we certainly do, then that will become available on the 19th of November on the Samantha’s very own Therapy label. This EP has all those clubbing elements of the previous Logic 1000 EP offering , ‘You’ve Got The Whole Night To Go’,yet is far more laid back. Sure, you could still groove to this in a club as an end of night come down or in the kitchen as you chop through some veg (mind your fingers). On the other hand you may just sit back and let it’s smooth, cool beats wash over you.

The lead single is ‘What You Like’ featuring young producer yunè pinku. Check it out here. We love this EP at Declunk HQ, you might too.

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