Julia Blair releases debut solo album Better Out Than In.

Julia Blair releases her debut album today. You may know her from the band Dusk. Some of Julia’s friends from Dusk can be heard on this record. Have a read through then give this a listen, we like it and we reckon you will.

Better Out Than In touches on punchy, soulful pop on centerpiece tracks like “Relax”, “Just A Cue”, and “Fantasize”; traditional folk-inspired compositions like “Wanderin”, and the three lullabies distributed throughout the album; the introverted string and piano ballads “Barbara” and “Waste Away”; and baroque-driven pop songs “Shy Dry & Dreary” & “Make The Darkness Go Away”.

On the concept behind the album, Blair shares: “Better Out Than In was produced over the course of three years at our in-house studios at the Crutch Of Memory compound in Appleton, Wisconsin – in the heart of the “Fox River Valley”. Crutch of Memory was established several years ago, mostly as a private studio for the creative output of members of Dusk and Tenement. Since then, it’s taken on its own identity as a record label and destination recording studio. This album is the second release on our flagship series. Our goal is to establish a catalog of artists and material that we’re heavily involved and invested in creatively; through songwriting, arranging, performing, and recording. We bring our favorite artists to our neck of the woods and let them swim in our pond, so to speak. Our hope is to bring out what we love most in these artists, and in the process, insert what makes us unique as musicians, songwriters, and producers as well.  What we hold important is that we make great records and capture our own individual acoustic: what one could call The Fox River Valley Sound.” 

  It was recorded and mixed over the course of three years at Crutch of Memory Studios by Amos Pitsch with direction from Julia herself, and features performances from many of our frequent collaborators and session stand-ins: Ridley Tankersley (Dusk, darn it.), Andy Harris (HPA, Phylums, The Goodnight Loving), Amos Pitsch (Tenement, Dusk), and Colin Wilde (Black Thumb, Dusk), among many others.

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