Les Chouettes…….A Clunk Back and Forth Interview.

Bonjour Les Chouettes……welcome to the Clunk universe.

KM: Merci Clunk!

Please tell us who does what in the band and where you are based.

KM: Currently I make the salad and Fran does the dressing. We are on a houseboat near Monteyside Island – somewhere between Eastern Canada and NE UK.

FA: if travelling by compass

Les Chouettes….an interesting name. How and why did you decide on it and were there any other names in the hat?

KM: Thankfully there are still prizes in the bottom of cereal boxes and we lucked out.

FA: we kept the plastic submarine that goes up and down in the bath.

KM: It’s better than Les Toupettes!

FA: %##!*&! unfortunate typos with that one

KM: Did you know that a chouette, in French, is a female owl and CHOU is cabbage? We didn’t! Well, now we do!

Ha Ha Happiness and Salade Sauvage, 2 songs that we rather enjoy here at Clunk HQ. Can you tell us about the songs.

KM: Ha Ha Happiness is our mourning alarm call.

FA: we all need something to get out of bed for since we’ve been in solitary confirnement

KM: Salade Sauvage is a second coming song. Originally written to honour Québec’s actual Queen of Salad Dressing Annie C., it has become

FA: more about vegetables now in an effort reach a broader plant based audience

KM: and we dig a tasty metaphor at LC HQ. Don’t you?

Are there any plans for the next few months….a tour? An album? A holiday in the sun?

KM: now we’re living in the space age, the practicalities of the band playing live are of cosmic proportions.

FA: so we are considering a Phantom Zone projector and sending everyone there.

I’ve recently read that Kurt Cobain’s iconic grunge cardigan worn on Unplugged sold for over $300,000. A while back handwritten lyrics for A day In The Life by John Lennon went for over a $1,000, 000. If you had several shedloads of money what piece of music memorabilia would you splash out on?

KM: We support memorabilia rights and feel these sacred objects should live freely or as a collection available to the public

FA: as long as we still get royalties

KM: If we had shedloads of money

FA: we could probably find nicer sweaters

KM: we could invest in multi-arts residences for aging artists

FA: (laughs hysterically)

KM: and pirate radio station centers of analog re-velopment. No offence to Mick Fleetwood’s handkerchief collection.

FA: he needs one

I’ve been reading about rock star riders. From Marilyn Manson demanding Danone Yoghurt and Gummy Bears to Pharrell Williams and 26 others with him being entertained by belly dancers whilst getting through 20 crates of vodka, 15 magnums of champers and a further 20 crates of Bacardi! Of course, I don’t if this is true. Anyway, what would you have on your rider when you hit that level of madness?

FA: a Table Reserved for Artistes

KM: We hope we never hit a level of madness.

FA: we might be there already

KM: acupuncturist, osteopath, massage therapist, equitable chocolate bars and grilled vegetable lasagne for all participants.

FA: do they still have liggers?

Of course, once you reach that level of fame and madness you will be able to choose any band/artist in the world to be the support. Who would you choose and where would you want to play?

KM: Performing at the Japan Natural Amphitheatre during Cherry Blossom Season with the Saturn Octet and Choeur Vert would be vraiment fun.

FA: like a menu in an inexplicable restaurant

KM: Visuals by Kara Blake svp.

If we were to come to your neck of the woods for a weekend where would you take us? You are the Entertainments Committee!

FA: definitely not Warrington

KM: Close your eyes and we’ll take you through the mind trees please. Like Hans Laube’s Smell-O-Vision we’ll send you samples of maple syrup, air pollution, damp mould, wood fired bagels and piping hot tea.

Is there a question that I should have asked? Please write the question then answer it.

KM: ?? Fran? Anything I’ve “missed” ha ha!

FA: No, I dont think we missed anything!

Thanks so much for taking the time for Clunk. When you get out on tour don’t forget to get up to Carlisle!

KM: Oui! We’d love to visit your walled city and

FA: keep the barbarians out

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