The Lovely Eggs…New Album news…..A Back n Forth interview.

Thanks very much for taking the time for Clunk

Lancaster seems to be rich with music, The Lovely Eggs, Mr. Ben, Dog Daisies to name a few. What is so special about the town? Dunno really. There’s an oddness to it. In some ways it’s a very beautiful historic town and on the flipside there’s a lot of homelessness and poverty and violence. It’s full of normal people doing abnormal things. We’ve always said it’s like the Twin Peaks of the north.

The release of This Is Eggland seemed to take The Lovely Eggs beyond the loyal fan base that you have built up over many years, a lot of new fans. Would you agree? Yeah I think so. It’s always good to get more people to yer gigs you know but you can’t beat the loyal hardcore fan. They’re our favourites. I think sometimes with a wider fanbase not all of them 100% get what you’re trying to do and the concept of having a good time and being involved at a gig (rather than just watching it as entertainment) is something new to them. So we try and educate them on that bit!

Has the success of This Is Eggland put any pressure on you regarding the new album? Did it influence the new writing? Not at all as far as putting pressure on. We were ready to write a new album and really wanted to put summat new out. But yeah it definitely influenced this record. Every record is evolving and the past always has an effect on the future.

Is everything you do still very much DIY? Do you book your own tours from your kitchen table? Yes absolutely. We pretty much so everything ourselves. No booking agents, no label, no manager, no publisher. 100% independent.

I heard the new single, This Decision, on Marc Riley and a new album is out in the not-too-distant-future. Can you tell us a little about the new record? Well it’s called “I am Moron” and it’s out next year. We made it again with Dave Fridmann. It’s probably the best record we have ever made.

Loved the artwork on This Is Eggland. Can we expect further great artwork on the album cover and the new merchandise that goes with it? Yes we’ve got Casey Raymond on the case! Things looking right visually is dead important to us.

I have managed to find 1 gig of yours for next year, at The Cluny in April. Is there a big tour next year? Will you be taking in Europe this time? Yes there is. We’re doing a 12 date UK tour in April. Hopefully we’ll also try and get over to Europe at some point.

Can you give us a guide to a good day/night out in Lancaster?

Well there’s a new venue opened in Lancaster recently called Kanteena so we would highly recommend that. So I suppose you could mooch up to Williamson Park and look over the bay and then come into town for some scoops. I’d start off in the Three Mariners then onto The Yorkshire House, The Golden Lion and finish off at Kanteena.

This week at Clunk HQ we have been listening to Warmduscher, Beak>, Working Mens Club, Squid, Snapped Ankles and Bilge Pump. What have you folks been listening to? Anything to recommend? We’ve been listening a lot to Everything is Bullshit by Particle Kid.

Finally, any chance of coming to gig in Carlisle. There’s a few venues. Plus you can have the added bonus of dinner at Clunk HQ! Irresistible right? If a promoter gets in touch with us there is always a definite chance! Love our marras in Carlisle!

Once again, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with Clunk.

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