Simon and The Astronauts news

UK based writing / recording collective Simon and The Astronauts have joined with acclaimed US musician Rachel Haden (The Haden Triplets, Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, The Rentals, Todd Rundgren, Hadestown) for their second full-length, self-titled album due out April 2022 via Ring Records. There’s a new single out called ‘I do’. This gets the thumbs up at DeClunk HQ. check it out.

Simon and The Astronauts’ Simon Wells says, “This song was initially a sketch written by Rachel Haden when she was just a teenager, before she started That Dog and took on global, post-grunge counter cultural status. It is a meeting of minds, the clarity of Rachel’s idea and the complexity of the Astronauts to make a Cocteau Twins soundscape.”

‘Simon and The Astronauts’ will be released via the band’s own imprint on 22nd April 2022 with the possibility of summer tour dates on the horizon.

Simon Wells said: “The album has always been a pleasure for me. They can be a mystery that can start with the name of the band, a track on the radio or just the artwork. ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ is an obvious example for me. Or ‘Kid A’ or ‘Universal Human’ by Weezer. For this recording, I wanted to capture the album mystery and for everyone involved to be part of the ride. It had to be about playing side A and turning the vinyl to hear the rest of the album and finish the journey/story. This all begins with the songwriting process through to the mixing and mastering. People always make the difference and the joy from hearing Rachel sing with such emotion made the songs complete.”

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