A Bingo Records bonanza as Mr. Ben and the Bens launch the new album in Lancaster.

It’s only Rock nRoll

A lively night was had at the Yorkshire Taps in Lancaster on Friday as Mr. Ben and the Bens started their tour on the day of the release of debut album ‘Who knows Jenny Jones’. It was a Bingo Records bonanza, the support bands being Sundrift and Dog Daisies, on the final night of the tour with new album ‘Eagletism’.

 Mr. Ben and the Bens get to the stage dressed in matching white suits. A look which may or may not catch on. You can check the photos and hassle them to get some on their merchandise range should you wish. Unfortunately for Ben, and the rest of us, the trusty cornet broke and was unable to be fixed on the night. A shame, for it’s always great to watch Ben getting from guitar and singing to blowing his own cornet in a beat. It didn’t stop the show. The band played numbers from the new album including the now familiar Transmissions and The Gravediggers Dance. A few songs in and those lucky enough to get a ticket were a’moving and a’grooving. A big cheer, as always, when Ben announces the next song will be The Bluest Blues. Bens energy, when giving it some welly on the guitar and throwing his mop of hair around like a deranged Beatle, connects instantly with the followers, sending them into a poptastic frenzy of dance moves. Great night had by all.

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