A Back and Forth with Warmduscher

Please could you tell us who does what in the band and how you folks got together.

Clams – chief shit talker

Lightnin’- pots and pans

Salt Fingers Lovecraft – guarder of the bottom end

Quicksand – 6 stringed finger flex

The Witherer – dirt box aka the little whiskers

Cheeks – Keyboards

We met at the Tooting Lido one hot summer in 93.

Warmduscher is a great name……but how did it come about?

A bottle of Chardonnay and a Ouija board!

A few great albums have been recorded in a short time, Dylan’s Bringing It All Back Home and Velvet Underground’s White Light/White Heat to name but 2. I read that the new album, Tainted Lunch, was recorded in 4 days. That’s real fast. Why was that?

The usual formula, no money, no time. Thanks to Dr Dabs aka Dan The Lazer Carey and Alexis Full of Grace for allowing it!

I love those witty lyrics on Midnight Dipper. Will I be hearing that sharp wit throughout the album.

Of course, it’s what we do.

Here at Clunk this week we have Bilge Pump, Girl Band, Beak, Iggy Pop and Black Midi on the turntable. Do you folks have any recommendations for Clunk readers to listen to?

Otto Von Schirach Supemeng


Agnostic Front Cause For Alarm

Kool Keith Sex Styles

Cars Greatest Hits

Tainted Lunch is on pre-order here at Clunk HQ but November is so far away! Is there another track to be released beforehand?

There is! Disco Peanuts which will hit the streets on October 4th with an amazing claymation video by Edie Lawrence. Hold tight!

Once again, many thanks for finding time for Clunk. Please come to Carlisle!

 Thank you and I’m sure we will one day. See you all real soon. Xxx

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