Howless release new single ‘Unlucky’

Here’s a cheery Indie summer pop tune to cheer us up in the middle of winter. It’s called ‘Unlucky’ and it’s by Howless, a band from Mexico City. There’s an album due, the 18th of Feb., titled To Repel Ghosts.

“Unlucky” was an obvious selection for Howless and for the label, to be the 3rd single off the album, representing the power of a pop song. Classic punchy drums kick in the thick driving bass line, as shimmering keys drift through to sparkling guitar that cloaks the song in a beautiful glistening tone. Dominique Sanchez’s haunting ethereal vocals seamlessly float over layers of beautiful, noisey saturation, lyrically making reference to human self sabotage and the manifestation of one’s own bad luck, that is based on bad decision making.

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