Zsud’s debut album ‘Rewiring’ is out there now.

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It may be based in electronica but these songs, 11 in all, change and sway ensuring that this album doesn’t get stuck in one groove. It’s called ‘Rewiring. Get on it, give it a listen, it’s an impressive debut. Zsud is based in Budapest, read below for her words on this album.

“I wrote the first songs back in 2018. I used emotions of my own and also those I witnessed in my surroundings. Besides that I wanted to give space to philosophical questions as well. I prefer switching up my songwriting workflow from time to time – some of these songs started on the piano, some came from sound design elements or even the lyrics.” – said Zsüd about the working process.

“I would love to take these songs to the stage, but who knows when we can do that. In the meantime I keep working – my computer is full of drafts waiting to be finished. As REWIRING is about eclecticism, it would be a nice change to continue with a concept-album, I already have a couple of ideas for that. Also I would like to do more collaboration as I was working almost completely alone in the last two years.” – continued Zsüd about future plans.

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