Illness feat. Steve West and Bob Nastanovich……A Clunk Back and Forth Interview.

Hello Illness……welcome to the Clunk universe

Steve West: Hi clunk, Steve west here.

Bob N: Cheers Clunk! I know of a John Budden from Carlisle. I’ve been to the races there.

Please introduce the band…Who does what? Where’s base?

Steve West: I sing on ‘Descending G’

Dom: Dan Auld (Drums), Danny Barton (Guitars), Dom Berry (Guitars/Keyboards), Alisia Casper (Backing vocals), Guy Crouch (Bass), Zandra Klievens (Flute), Dan Stapylton (Saxophone)

Base changes between York/Leeds/Liverpool UK,

Steve is in Richmond, VA and Bob is in Des Moines, IA

Any in-band fighting we should know about? Or is everything in the garden rosy? Here’s your chance to get things out in the open!

Steve West: I get along with all my band mates. There is an ocean between us so we have plenty of room move around.

A debut release is due on the 10th July. A 12’’ EP. That’s got to be exciting for you folks. Please tell us all about it!

Dom: It’s taken a while to get released – not from anyone’s fault but my own but we’re happy it’s finally out there/here. The instrumental tracks were destined for something so I asked Steve and Bob to contribute and gave them free reign – was really happy with the results. I knew Steve from Marble Valley (released albums on Sea records) and Bob from a number of visits to the UK where he was tour managing including the Schwervon! tour (Brokers Tip Records) a couple of years ago.

We also have some remixes of these two tracks for a release which we’re sorting out now.

The 2 tracks have gone down really well at Clunk HQ. The big question is …what is the name of the dog barking at the start of Phrases Redacted? What type? Who does it belong to?

Bob: The dog you write of is Mr. Ghost, my six year old Cardigan Welsh corgi. He is a performer.

Could there be an album coming soon? Maybe this year? Really looking forward to hearing more.

Dom: We had a studio booked to record an album in April which we’ve had to postpone until…who knows?

So, what’s been happening in your lockdown? More beer? A bit of baking? Jumping about and getting fit with Joe Whatsihisname? Or maybe writing new songs?

Steve: Just been trying to keep covid free here in Virginia. Having a buddy come over and record for the first time in four months. Been writing songs though in solo mode.

Bob: I have been drinking more than my fair share of beer and wish I knew how to make a basic pie crust as I love savoury pies.

Dom: Cooking and gardening mostly – I’m taking down an apple tree tomorrow – I’ve not really picked up an instrument during lockdown.

What bands/artists from your neck of the woods should we all be checking out?

Bob: Stateside, Horse Lords, Annalibera, Piranha Rama and Lucy Arnell merit attention.

Dom: I’ll second Lucy Arnell(!) from the UK, there’s Wolf Solent/Cowgirl, Alisia Casper, Pea Sea, Game Program/Cowtown & Stuck Sunsets. Shout out to West’s band: The Unmastered Masters.

When we all get out again don’t forget to bring a gig to Carlisle. Thanks for taking the time for Clunk. Hope to see you soon.

Steve: Hope to get to Carlisle when things get better. Be safe

Bob: Thanks for reaching out to The Illness. It’s special for me to be part of it. Cheers

Dom: Let’s book a date

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