Matchbox Classics update…from the horse’s mouth

40 years of Matchbox Classics (cont.)

So, in the last issue, dear reader, you may have read the brief overview of Matchbox Classics. Now, at the end of the piece Clunk suggested that in the next issue would be some of the stories straight from the horse’s mouths. By this it was meant that the founders of Matchbox Classics would get back to Clunk with some words of their own. Well, that has sort of happened. When C J Nukeem was approached recently he didn’t have a lot to say but perhaps gave us a sneaky insight into the workings of the label.

A rough summary of the conversation.


Any chance you sending back some words to the stuff that I sent you two months ago?


Oh! Have you not heard from any of us? I sent your stuff to all the founder members to write a few words then email to you.


Nope, haven’t had anything from anyone.


Ahh……that’s the thing with us lot……we never could be arsed.



There you are then…………straight from the horses mouth!

So, you patient Clunksters, we wait a little longer but we are sure it will be worth waiting for. Meanwhile to see C J in action back in the day ………………

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