Thrillhouse release a new track ‘Ready When You Are’.

Today sees the release of the next Thrillhouse offering ‘Ready When You Are’. It’s a groovy little number that you will find yourself throwing a few shapes to. Clunk has covered the 3 releases so far and there all cracking. If you haven’t followed Clunk advice it’s time you did. Check out this track and follow that with ‘One Of These Days’ and ‘Lesser’. Get on and be the start of a bandwagon. Listen, like and download.

Here’s the Blurb…. song first


Third single Ready When You Are, out June 5th



DIY darlings Thrillhouse return with 3rd single, Ready When You Are.

Ready When You Are follows debut singles One of These Days & Lesser, which grabbed all who heard them; including Radio X’s John Kennedy, half of the DJs at KEXP, and Amazing Radio.

“Thrillhouse create a spellbinding, ambient sound on their second single Lesser, a lyrical gem burning with palpable tension” – Atwood Magazine

“the most annoying thing about this is the bloody fade out after just after five minutes.” – Louder Than War

Documenting the death of someone very important, Ready When You Are is a heartfelt and triumphant tribute to an absent loved one.

“It’s the end of an era, you saw it so clear…”

“I was on my way to you…just so scared I wouldn’t get there in time…”

Musically, it is arguably the band’s finest achievement to date – shimmering with brilliant subtlety…simple, yet full of detail.

As is becoming a Thrillhouse signature, sincere subject matter is offset with uplifting instrumentation. But there are also moments of musical tension; for example, the jarring guitar solo. Also present is the boys’ playful sense of humour, in moments like the outro’s ‘HUH!’.

Recorded entirely at home. Mixed at The Silk Mill, Staffordshire, Ready When You Are is out June 5th on Seymour Butz Records.

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