SPELLLING, new single from forthcoming album.

SPELLLING, the project of Bay Area-based artist Chrystia Cabral, presents a second single, from ‘The Turning Wheel’, the new album out June 25th on Sacred Bones.

‘The Turning Wheel’ is split into two halves — “Above” and “Below.” Lush string quartet shimmer combines with haunting banjo and wandering bassoon leads, as the album progresses from the more jubilant, warm, and dreamy mood of the “Above” tracks to the more chilling tone of the “Below” tracks. This progression is anchored by SPELLLING’s vocal style that emphasizes the theatrical and folkloric heart of her songwriting.

Following recent Frida Kahlo-inspired single Little Deer which opens the “above” section of the record, today SPELLLING shares a glimpse at the “below” with Boys At School – an evocative and magnetic 7-minute ballad that sees Cabral “step back into my younger self, my teenage self to voice my angst, desires and disillusionments.” She continues: “I knew when I created the main motif on the piano that it was striking something really raw and both delicate and fierce. The notes just immediately transported me to the era of my youth, of this time when you are really beginning to confront the mirror of yourself to the outside world.

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