Declunk Exclusive. Warbly Jets release new video for ‘Let Go’. New album out now.

Warbly Jets(Samuel Shea and Julien O’neill) have a new album ‘Monsterhouse’ out there now on Rebel Union Recordings. There’s a new video for the track ‘Let Go:Be Free’. We think you might enjoy this, check it out. Here’s what they have to say about the video…….

From Julian : Where did the concept for the video come from? 

For me, it’s about embracing different sides of yourself. The subject matter in the lyrics is actually surprisingly dark when you look closely, but simply put it’s about letting go and not denying the feelings that compel you to be unique.

Were there any specific visual references you used?

High-fashion stills and Michel Gondry. 

How did the video shoot/crew come together?

We worked closely with our friend Danny DiMarchi to come up with a simple, bold concept we could achieve in just a day or two. He basically took on the whole project himself with a few helping hands from friends along the way. We knew we didn’t want to overextend ourselves on anything too grandiose, so we worked quickly to rely on our strengths and only used things we had access to immediately. 

Favorite part of making this video?

The shoot itself was very fluid. That always keeps everything feeling like a fulfilling art project vs. banging your head to “get something done.” 

Biggest challenge of making this video?

Having a budget of zero is pretty challenging for making any music video complete, but sometimes those harsh limitations can be a great tool for fueling creativity.

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