Stephen Hudson gives the lowdown on Dog Daisies EPs.

You may have been lucky enough to catch Dog Daisies at the Vinyl Cafe earlier in 2019. Stephen Hudson gives an update on what’s been happening. First, read these glowing reviews about Stephens album from 2012

A lovely, lovely album” TOM RAVENSCROFT, BBC 6 MUSIC

“Brilliantly recorded, with a lusciously psychedelic tinge, it’s a simply amazing sounding record, which will leaving you yearning for more” FRESH ON THE NET

Now read what Stephen has to tell us about current projects.

It’s a set of companion EPs entitles An Inland Voyage Pts.1&2. I released them digitally and exclusively on bandcamp. But now I want to over-dub them onto old cassettes, create a Dog Daisies mono-culture. (and make a documentary about it).

The tracks on these EPs were hastily written, widescreen lo-fi songs that I recorded into a phone and then pasted together on a dying iMac in early 2019. I wanted to document the bleary-eyed, floating underwater “oh-shit!!” feeling of being a new parent and all the dark, happy, teary and ridiculous thoughts that come with little sleep. It deals with the state of the world and the state of my fridge, both of which seemed of equal importance at the time of writing. I was going for ‘Nebraska’ meets ‘Songs in the Key of Life’ if they’d been recorded by a Lancastrian Jonathan Richman, Scott Rudd or Julie Doiron into a Huawei spyphone. Most of these songs were written and recorded at 5am. Elsie Plimmer of the awesome Bristol mega-music-happening Watch Paint Dry sings vocals on Carehome. She is the only other living soul on this record.

You can hear them both on the links below:


After these EPs, I’ll be releasing my debut studio album via Bingo on vinyl and download. That will be out in October and will sound nothing like these songs. I’ll be touring it late October. 

You can see Dog Daisies on Thursday supporting John Myrtle and Sun Drift at The Yorkshire Taps, Lancaster.

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