Woman You Stole…A Clunk Back and Forth Interview.

Hello Woman You Stole. Welcome to the Clunk universe.

Please tell us about the band members……who does what, how long have you been together, how did you get together etc.?

There’s three of us, Hayley, Jack and Steve… we met by chance, friends of friends, similar tastes in music, similar sense of humour and similar record collections. We’ve been gigging a year and building a following.

Woman You Stole…. I hope you don’t mind me saying that it’s a bit of an odd name. There is a lyric in ‘Y Control’ by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs…Is it taken from that? Or a book, film, something you randomly made up? Could you tell us about it please?

We laboured over a name like any band does, bouncing names back and forth and weighing them up. We settled on this as it’s a subtle nod to a band we all loved and a lyric from Karen O. When we thought of it, it just sounded right – something curious about it in isolation.

For those yet to hear Woman You Stole how would you describe the band sound?

We’ve been likened to so many bands and it always brings a smile when people tell us who we sound like. We’ve been told Squeeze, the Banshees, B52s, Cramps, Au Pairs and The Gits to name but a few!

We’ve never tried to pursue a specific genre, so I guess this is why we’re always surprised at the diversity of bands were told we sound like.

We’re a three piece so that dictates a lot of the sound, it can be big and bold, sparse and atmospheric – it’s ever changing, we try and get the most out of our instruments and sound, especially for live work which were often told sounds bigger than a three piece.

There is the story that Keith Richards woke up and had taped the riff for Satisfaction during the night but had no recollection apart from noticing the tape had moved on from when he fell asleep. Love the song ‘Shake!’. Any such luck with your songwriting?

We’re always jamming, exploring and developing ideas, that’s what music should be about. Our drummer met Gered Mankowitz, the Stones photographer, who said at their peak he’d be asked to photograph the band at 5am in the morning just as they were going home from a heavy session when they didn’t have a clue what planet this was let alone much else. They were definitely of their time and took it on rebelliously.  We jam a lot of ideas out and if it feels right, just go for it – we’re good friends and that helps as well as occasionally swapping instruments – there’s no formula or mystery to it, just strike it up and have an open mind to let it evolve.

Gigging is great as it gives you the chance to get a feel of what works well and we’ve been lucky in 2019 to play some excellent supports as well as our own sell out shows, we’ve refined music on the back of those live responses.

You folks have made some interesting videos. Who comes up with the ideas? Obviously if you need a middle aged, somewhat grey around the edges bloke to stand in a corner I can be available.

Probably the same with the music really. We’re unsigned and like so many bands at this stage, we want to do so much and explore in the studio or collaborate with others such as videographers.

Having the finance to do stuff obviously dictates what you can do at this stage without a deal or a backer but we try not to let that stop us. I guess it’s reminiscent of that seventies vibe where the DIY of it took over, can’t help but think of the Buzzcocks raising cash between family and friends long before Go Fund Me existed and recording and producing their demo four-track EP, Spiral Scratch.

There’s always been a passion with bands in the region to get their music out there and creativity to do it. We’re not film school grads, just positive about stuff and get stuck in; teaching ourselves, learning  software and picking it up as we go along. For our next video, we’re already thinking of what character to cast you as – so be ready for the call!

If you could play any venue in the world which would it be and which band/singer would you have on with you?

There’s an amazing music scene in Europe and Japan and the States. It would be great to experience some of that and get to play.

SHAKE! Is receiving excellent play on Spotify and we looked at where in the world we are getting listeners – surprisingly half of our plays come from the U.S. some from Chile, Denmark, lots from Finland so yeah, connecting and getting to see other parts of the world whilst playing these places would be great.

Are there plans for 2020? New releases? Tour? Going on holiday?

We’re writing more material now. During this time we’re looking at options for a distribution deal and a record company, we’ve made some great contacts and had one offer so it’s all about weighing up what we want out of the new year and focusing on it.

We’ve a festival pencilled in, a couple of gigs  in London scheduled and we’re hoping for three releases or the finances to record an album with distribution. It’s stacking up nicely so far.

Fancy a gig in Carlisle?

Definitely yes, we’d love to bring our music to Carlisle and hang out, visited many times, it’s a great place.

Many thanks for taking the time for Clunk. See you folks in 2020!

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