Rosie Carney releases new video and single from forthcoming album

Rosie Carney has a new song and video out. It’s got that ‘staring out the window’ daydream reflective quality, or in Rosie’s case laying back in the bath pondering whilst pulling on a cigarette. It’s a little sad. We really like it at DeClunk HQ. This is what Rosie has to say about ‘Tidal Wave’.

”It’s about the lonely ache you feel when you realise you’re starting to drift away from someone, but there’s nothing you can do to stop it from happening.”

She added: “I remember being a kid and desperately over analysing and trying to change who I was in an attempt to cling on to whoever I was drifting away from. The song is both a desperate plea and also an acute awareness of needing to let go and move on.”

Rosie’s album I Want To Feel Happy is out on May 27th.

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