Julia Bhatt……get to know her and her music.

Julia Bhatt has her debut album, titled ‘It Is What It Is’,due out on July 20th. Give ‘Cotton Candy’ a listen and you might think Julia is all about light guitar pop songs, you would be mistaken. Check out ‘Hair Salon Vibes’ and you find something else, a groove with a club feel running through it. She is somewhat self – deprecating regarding her talents.

“I definitely wouldn’t say it’s music writing,” says 20 year-old singer/songwriter Julia Bhatt coolly.“I genuinely just fuck around on the guitar until I play a string of chords that makes me feel good, I guess”.

Have a read of this DeClunk Q & A with Julia then give her distinctive voice an ear. Get into Julia Bhatt now, don’t be late to the party. There are three tracks below.

Hello Julia…..Welcome to the DeClunk universe

Our army of intrepid researchers reckon that you are based in Miami. Is this true?

That is true!!! Very sharp. 

Please describe your surroundings so we can all snug up during this Q & A.

I am currently on my couch in my apartment in Midtown, which is in Miami, Florida. My cat, Taco, is next to me. We’re just chilling. Watching Rick and Morty. Counting down the hours until work :((

When did you know that you had a talent as a singer and songwriter? Did you get plenty of encouragement?

I’m not sure if I “know” I have talent. I often find myself relying on other people and their words of encouragement to lead me. I am not a big fan of myself and I find flaws everywhere, so I keep going because I know the people around me would want me to. I love music but I don’t love myself, so it’s a bit difficult. But I try my best. 

Can you remember the first song that you wrote? What was it called and what was it about?

The first REAL song I wrote was called “Peach Tree Street.” It was strangely about prostitution. I don’t know. No further comments. 

‘Cotton Candy’ is your recent release. Is it a love song?

It is, I suppose. I guess I’m a little reluctant to say so. Not sure why. It deals with someone who can handle a mess of a person like me and still be happy. I wrote it with my boyfriend in mind. So yes. Love song. 

Your debut album it is what it is is on the way! What can you tell us about it? 

It’s a grab bag for sure. Lots of different sounds. Some stuff from back when I wrote that godforsaken “Peach Tree Street” song and some from literally 2 months ago. Hopefully there’s something for everyone. Definitely a journey to listen to. 

Is there a tour coming up? If you pencil in Carlisle in the north of England there’s a dinner for you at DeClunk HQ. I know, irresistible right?

I would absolutely positively love to come to Europe to tour!!! I don’t think too many people would come quite yet though, but I’ll let you know. And I’ll hold you to that food. 

If we were to come to your neck of the woods for a weekend, where would you take us? You are the Entertainments Committee! Are there any bands/artists that you recommend we check out?

I would take you to Robert is Here fruit stand in Homestead, which sounds quaint and lame but it is not. Best milkshakes and smoothies, a farm out back, tons of random fruit and veggies, etc. Maybe strawberry picking!!!! I like rural activities like that that you can’t really find in Miami. I’m honestly not too familiar with the Miami music scene, probably because everything closed up with Covid. I’ll keep you posted. 

Thank you Julia, for taking the time with DeClunk. We look forward to hearing more music from you soon.

 Absolutely. Thank you!!!!!!

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