Bait….A DeClunk Q and A

We love the latest single by Bait and we are very pleased to have Michael Webster giving us a bit of a lowdown on the band. Read it then check out ‘Drama Drama Drama Drama. You’re gonna love it too!

Hi Bait……. Welcome to the DeClunk universe.

Our army of researchers have come up with Southend being your base. Is that true (they can’t be trusted)? Please describe where you are answering this Q and A so that we can be with you.

This is partially true, you could call it Southend but I am actually in Westcliff-on-Sea which is not on sea, it’s on the estuary… which is the top lip of the mouth of the river Thames. I’m answering this from my living room… It has big orange curtains, a bit like the ones found in a cinema.

Please give us the run down of band members, what they do in the band and whether there are any musical differences that might lead to a break up any time soon.

OK! here we go. Luke Branch – Bass Luke has the best hair in rock and is also the vocalist / guitarist in Asylums and co-director of Cool Thing Records. Jim Webster – Drums Jim is my twin brother and solid as fuck. He smokes a mean brisket. We used to be in a band together called Baddies. M R E – Synth / Production M R E has another project called RHUME and can play EVERY Nirvana riff on guitar. Michael Webster – Vocals / Guitar / Songs That’s me…

One might think that you chose the name Bait because you like to go a-fishin’. Any truth in that? If that’s not the reason then what is?

I went a-fishin’ once when I was a kid. My dad planted a bottle of coke in the bed of the lake to keep it cold. When I went to pull the bottle out, I managed to pull myself into the lake. That’s the last time I went a-fishin’. BAIT was suggested to me by Luke… I liked the way it looked when you wrote it down and the rest is history.

The latest single ‘Drama Drama Drama Drama’ is ace. It captures the anxiety found in the modern world and has a slice of humour that gives it extra punch. It made me smile. Did it make you smile when you were writing it?

Thank you very much. I genuinely saw ‘a man walking into town carrying a plastic bag with no trousers on’… that part definitely made me smile.

‘Sea Change’ is the new album on the way. We are really looking forward to it here at DeClunk HQ. Can you give us some insight into the songs? Is there a theme running through it? Is it full of anxiety and humour?

‘Sea Change’ is an extension of me… I am certainly anxious and I try to be funny! The record documents my experiences, inner thoughts and worries realised living by the sea through the pandemic. The title fits the climate, we have never experienced such huge changes… a sea change. This album is a record for now, it was written, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered completely remotely… It embodies the pandemic, but through my imagination. At one point I drove out into the middle of nowhere to record myself barking like a dog to avoid fucking off the neighbours.

Is there a tour? Are you coming to Cumbria? There’s a dinner at DeClunk HQ in it!

No tours lined up as yet, but there will be a smattering of shows here and there. Can I have two dinners? I’m not a one dinner wimp.

If you could play any venue in the world which would it be and which band/singer would you have on with you?

I think I’d love to play the Fillmore in San Francisco… It looks awesome! Love the posters that they have made for their shows too. I would like to play there in Devo… their shows looked like so much fun. Totally weird but compelling… not sure how i’d fit into the band?!

Would you consider a grey haired oldish fella for a part in a video some time? Maybe sitting in a corner in a rocking chair or something. I’m asking for someone!

If I get my two dinners.

If we came to your neck of the woods for a weekend where would you take us? You are the Entertainments Committee!

Hmmmmm. Well, we’d go record shopping at South Records, take the records to the mile and a third to play whilst we have a few pints. Take a walk along the seafront, hit the arcades, watch a gig at Twenty One or Chinnery’s… grab a curry at Red Chilliz… back for Match of The Day.

Any bands/ artists that we should check out?

There is a band I checked out today called ‘Bummer’ and the record is called ‘Dead Horse’… it’s brutal! I also love an artist called ‘Filmmaker’.

Thanks for taking the time with DeClunk. We hope to see you doing your thing soon.

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